Small Stump

Jill Pillotte of Small Stump is an amazingly talented illustrator and floral designer who helped to solidify the use of natural materials such as birch bark as one of the major trends of the decade.  Jill started selling these sets of birch bark tubes well over a year ago and has a hard time keeping them, as well as the rest of her goodies, in stock ever since!

Even Victoria from SFGirlByBay couldn't resist getting herself one of Jill's bark tubes!

Its no surprise that Small Stump received a lot of love from the blogger community. Victoria, over at SFGirlByBay, couldn’t even resist getting her hands on one of Jill’s bark tubes!  Abby from Style Me Pretty friend used them as center pieces at her wedding.  Joy showed them off paired with some seriously saturated color.  Poppytalk has featured Small Stump and Jill repeatedly (because she never ceases to amaze!).  Lena, Holly, Grace and Kelly all caught on early too.

Jill grew up in Newport, Rhode Island where most of her family who are highly talented floral designers, still live.  She now resides in Pacifica, California where she is the curator of Rose and Radish‘s gallery.  Be sure to check out Apartment Therapy for more pictures of her gorgeous home, as well as Small Stump and her Etsy shop for amazing accessories for your home!

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